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Our Specialty is Your Health.

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Our independent GPs have extensive training and experience in a wide variety of areas.


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Find out information on our practice location, new patients, making appointments and more.

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Meet our experienced doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative team.

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You will be supported by a team working with your GP to help you set and achieve your health goals.

We welcome all ages and offer you comfortable waiting areas with one safe area dedicated for your young children.

You can choose face-to-face, phone or video consults to match your needs and an online service for scripts/referrals if appropriate.

A standard appointment is 20 minutes and you won’t be rushed, with longer appointments available if needed.

If you need to come when your doctor is not here, another GP will be able to access your health record to ensure safe, continuous care.

You will be known, respected and welcomed as the central focus of your health team.

Latest News

IT and Computer Upgrade

IT and Computer Upgrade

Computer upgrade underway at RFMP! Anyone who’s gone through a complete overhaul of their main server and full network will get that this is huge. Our IT team have been working around the clock for the past 2 weeks. More to do so please be patient if something doesn’t...

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Phone System Updated

Phone System Updated

After intense research weighing up pros and cons, we finally moved to sort out our phone problems this week with a brand new VOIP system. Our phone team are convinced that it will solve the dropouts and missed calls that have plagued us over the past few months. We...

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