Understanding Charges

Understanding Your Doctor’s Charges


Fee Overview

The Practice provides a mixture of private billing and bulk-billing dependent upon the attending doctor’s charges and the patient’s circumstances.

Although we offer a discount from the AMA-recommended rates, the fee charged takes into consideration the cost of providing you with comprehensive, high quality health care. Fees are set with our goal to be still here offering you an excellent service for many years to come. For those who do not have an Australian Medicare card, the full AMA rate applies for all services.

The government has chosen to freeze the Medicare rebates so that normal increases in the CPI which drive up the costs of health care delivery must then be passed on to you. Please read the brochure from the RACGP about this situation.

For patients who are privately billed, payment must be made at the time of the consultation. Other patients will have the cost of the consultation directly billed to Medicare.

Private patients can pay the full amount by either cash or credit/debit card. If you have difficulty paying at the time of the consultation please discuss this with your doctor or the reception staff.

Claiming your Medicare rebate

If you have a debit card account, we can arrange for your refund to be virtually instantaneous through our Tyro machine. Otherwise if you have registered your bank details with Medicare we can submit your claim for you and Medicare will deposit your rebate into your nominated bank account. On occasion you may be required to submit the claim yourself directly to Medicare.

If Medicare rejects a payment claim please notify our reception staff in order for us to be able to help you sort this out.

Consultation fees

The cost of a consultation depends on the time spent with your doctor and the complexity of the issues addressed. Please see examples below:

Approximate Time (min) Private Fee ($) Medicare Rebate ($) Out of Pocket ($)
Consultations in surgery in normal working hours
Up to 5 20.00 16.95 3.05
5 to 10 41.00 37.05 3.95
10 to 20 64.00 37.05 26.95
20 to 30 99.00 71.70 27.30
30 to 40 116.00 71.70 44.30
40 to 60 170.00 105.55 64.45
More than 60 205.00 105.55 99.45
Home Visits in normal working hours
5 to 20 123.00 63.00 60.00
20 to 40 157.00 97.65 59.35
More than 40 205.00 131.50 73.50

Additional fees apply for out-of-usual hours consultations from 8pm to 8am Monday-Friday or after 1pm on Saturday.

Consultations that involve preparation of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan will have a fee for all patients since Medicare cut the rebate. You will be out of pocket from $20 to $70.

GP Management Plans are all bulk-billed. Some Health Assessments are also bulk-billed when they meet Medicare’s strict criteria for age, disability or ethnicity.

Procedure fees

Procedure Private Fee ($) Medicare Rebate ($) ($) Out of pocket ($)
ECG 52.00 26.60 25.40
Spirometry 35.00 17.50 17.50
Implanon 56.00 30.30 25.70

Fee for transferring notes

Transfer of medical information out of the Practice will require your doctor to go through your notes to produce a health summary and copy relevant information such as letters from specialists, pathology and radiology reports.

As this requires the doctor’s time, photocopying and administrative time a fee of $30 to $50 will be applicable depending on the length of time taken and paperwork involved.

Other fees

If you make application to access your medical record, your doctor will need to review the record to ensure that the request meets the guidelines under the Privacy Legislation.

It is usually the case that your doctor will elect to sit with you to go through the record and ensure that you’ve understood the information within the documents.

The fee applicable will be the cost of the time spent with the doctor and any necessary photocopying. There is no Medicare rebate for these consultations. Fees for medical reports are available on request.


Pensioners and health care card holders will be bulk-billed for all consultation item numbers, as will patients attending the walk-in, one-problem service.

Children less than 16 years of age will be bulk-billed at all times. We encourage appointments for routine health checks and vaccinations to be between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday if possible so that a nurse is always available.

There may be other circumstances which your doctor decides will be suitable for bulk-billing e.g. Health Assessments and GP Management Plans for chronic disease.

Since the cutting of the Medicare rebates for Mental Health Treatment Plans, these consultations are generally not bulk-billed.

If at any time your circumstances change or you are suffering financial hardship, please don’t hesitate to discuss the fees with your doctor.

Other Charges

We understand that at times it may be difficult to attend scheduled appointments. Because appointments are in high demand, we would appreciate your early cancellation if you are unable to attend. Failure to attend an appointment will result in a warning letter. If a second appointment is missed a fee of $20 (plus GST) applies, thereafter it will be the full cost of the booked consultation.

If it is clinically appropriate that your doctor can prepare a script or referral without requiring you to attend for a consultation, there will be a $20 fee. This fee of $20 also applies to re-printing lost scripts or referrals.

On-line Services

In order to improve access to medical services we have established a link to OzDocsOnline. At present this is an encrypted email service for patients of Dr Crockett and Dr Muir. Ask for a brochure or have a look at ozdocsonline.com.au

Once you’ve registered, this service allows you to request refills of scripts, referral letters, or test results and the opportunity to ask some clinical questions directly to your doctor. There is a fee at the beginning of the process and the doctor will endeavour to respond to your request within the following 24 hours unless she is away.

If the doctor deems that the request needs to be dealt with in a face to face consultation your money is refunded and you will be asked to make an appointment.

We now have an on-line appointment system available “Appointuit”. This will give you the opportunity to book more easily with your doctor. See www.appointuit.com or download from the App Store.

Questions Or Concerns

We understand that the information in this brochure may be somewhat confusing. As it is our intention to always keep you informed and updated we encourage you to ask questions of our receptionists or your doctor if there is anything that needs clarification.

Please let us know immediately if we seem to have made any errors with your billing.

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