Understanding Charges

Understanding Your Doctor’s Charges


Medicare rebates have failed to keep pace with the cost of providing high quality primary health care.  To continue to provide comprehensive GP services for our patients, we need to charge a fee that will not be fully rebated by Medicare.  At RFMP the fees most GPs charge are well below the recommended AMA rates.

As a result, Riverstone Family Medical Practice is a mixed billing practice and fees are determined by both your GP and your personal circumstances.  Fees may be different between the GP’s and Registrars and are also dependent on time spent with your GP and the complexity of issues addressed.

Below is a guide for general consultation fees within normal practice hours – for exact fees speak with your GP.

Approximate Time (min) Consultation Fee ($) Medicare Rebate ($) Out of Pocket ($)
Up to 5 $27.90 $17.90 $10.00
6 to 10 $49.10 $39.10 $10.00
11 to 20 $69.10 $39.10 $30.00
21 to 30 $105.75 $75.75 $30.00
31 to 40 $125.75 $75.75 $50.00
41 to 50 $161.50 $111.50 $50.00
51 to 60 $211.50 $111.50 $100.00
More than 61 $231.50 $111.50 $120.00

Additional fees apply for out-of-usual hours consultations from 8pm to 8am Mon – Fri or after 1pm on Saturdays.

For patients who are privately billed, payment must be made at the time of the consultation via cash or credit/debit card.  To receive your Medicare rebate, we are able to process this on the spot for you directly to your debit card or request Medicare to deposit into your nominated bank account.  If at any time your circumstances change or you are suffering financial hardship, please don’t hesitate to discuss your fees with your GP.

For eligible bulk-billing patients, cost of the consultation will be billed directly to Medicare.

If Medicare rejects a payment claim, please notify our reception staff to help sort this out.

Bulk Billing

Pensioners, health care card holders and children less than 16 years of age will be bulk-billed by for consultations from Monday to Friday with children only being bulk-billed on Saturday. New patients will be charged a fee for the first consultation then will be bulk-billed. If there are any services or procedures required that are not eligible for bulk-billing, your GP will advise you.

New Patients

As a new patient, your GP will spend time to go through your medical and family history to be able to support your healthcare journey.  To assist us, please ensure you complete the new patient form prior to your consultation and bring all medical documentation or records to your initial consultation.

Initial consultation fees for new patients vary, with out-of-pocket fees between $30 – $50, dependent on time spent with your GP and the complexity of issues.  Your GP will discuss with you if there are any other fees at the time of your consultation.

GP Registrar Fees

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who are specialising in General  Practice. At Riverstone Family Medical Practice, we are proud to support and train GP Registrars who are your GPs of the future. GP Registrar’s consultation fees are lower than our senior GP’s, with an out-of-pocket fee of $10 – $20. The GP Registrar will discuss with you if there are any other fees at the time of your consultation.

Missed Appointment Fees

We understand that situations may arise which can make it difficult to attend scheduled appointments. We would appreciate at least 2 hours’ notice of your cancellation so that we may offer this appointment to another patient. Any appointments where we do not receive prior notification of cancellation, or repeat cancellations at least 2  hours before an appointment may result in a $30 fee.

Other Fees

Fees may be applicable for other procedures required by your GP such as ECG, spirometry, Implanon, vaccines, etc. These fees are payable at time of procedure and may be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Questions or Concerns

We understand that your circumstances and requirements may change from time to time. Your GP and our reception staff are available to assist you with any questions or concerns in regards to your fees.

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