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Travel Advice

We are able to help you with preparation for your journey in order to reduce the chance that anything will spoil your time away. It is important that you book an appointment with your GP at least six weeks before you travel if possible in order to have time to cover all the issues that need to be considered and have time for some vaccines to give you adequate protection.

It is important that you bring you detailed itinerary to the travel consultation in order to check your risk with confidence that we’re giving you the most accurate advice. Please note that travellers visiting friends and relatives in their country of origin are at even higher risk than others of acquiring infectious diseases.

We stock some travel vaccines and can usually order others to arrive within 24 hours. We are authorised to be able to deliver Yellow Fever vaccine if it is required for your journey.

Note from your Doctor

Travelling safely involves more than having vaccinations to reduce the risk of disease. We will also assess your fitness to travel, help you prepare in order to be in your best condition, check your routine vaccinations are up to date, consider the need for prophylactic medicines if indicated by your itinerary or vulnerability, and offer advice on prevention and insurance, giving you a letter for travel to cover any particular issues as needed.

We encourage everyone to check out the Australian government travel advice well in advance of travel at