Riverstone Family Medical skin clinic is led by qualified skin cancer doctor, Dr Kiran Shrestha. We offer comprehensive skin checks to all members of the community, no matter their lifestyles or skin complexion. Skin checks help ensure your skin is not harbouring anything dangerous.

About the skin cancer doctor

Dr. Kiran Shrestha holds a Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermoscopy, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery.

His commitment to enhancing skin cancer diagnostics and treatment abilities is evident through his proficiency in a range of procedures, such as biopsies, excisions, skin grafts, flaps, cryotherapy, and topical treatments for skin cancer.

If you’re looking for a skin check at a skin cancer clinic near you then consider the expertise of Dr Shrestha and our team.


Skin checks at Riverstone Family Medical Practice include:

  • Standard skin checks
  • Mole examinations
  • Skin blemish checks
  • Sun damage / sun exposure checks
  • Full body skin cancer checks
  • Concerned area checks

Australia has some of the highest skin cancer rates in the world AND the harshest ultraviolet radiation in the world.

Combine that with our love of the outdoors, and it’s easy to see why skin checks are a crucial part of everyone’s health and wellbeing, no matter their skin complexion.

Appointments can be made by booking online or calling the clinic.

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Why skin checks are so important

Skin checks are vitally important for several reasons.

Firstly, skin checks play a crucial role in the early detection of skin cancers, suspicious moles or lesions, including melanoma, which can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Early detection and treatment of skin cancer dramatically improves the chances of beating this disease and as the evidence shows, “early detection saves lives”.

Additionally, skin checks are essential for monitoring any changes in existing skin conditions or abnormalities and promoting overall skin health.

Regular skin checks are a proactive approach to safeguarding your health and ensuring that any skin-related issues are addressed quickly.

According to the Cancer Council, every year in Australia skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

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Skin checks at Riverstone Family Medical Practice

The independent medical professionals operating at Riverstone Family Medical Practice use modern techniques and equipment to scan and detect any issues you might have.

All skin checks are carried out in private consultation rooms and can focus on a particular spot or area that you might have noticed or are concerned about.

Skin checks are relatively quick depending on your requirements, and are considered a painless, simple procedure.

Your doctor will advise you on:

  • Any suspicious areas to keep an eye on
  • How to improve your skin care and sun protection if needed
  • Any questions or concerns you may have
  • Treatment options should anything be discovered
  • The overall health of skin areas checked

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More information about skin checks – FAQs

Do I need to prepare anything for a skin check?

Typically no. However, we do ask that you wear loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing makeup, spray tans, nail polish, jewellery (inc. watches) or anything that hides your skin.

This is to allow your doctor clear access and visibility of your skin, even under your nails, ensuring nothing is missed.

How often should I get a skin check?

We recommend that you pay attention to your skin, notice changes and promptly report anything different. For those at higher risk due to past skin cancers or a strong family history, a routine annual skin check is advisable. We’ll see you more often if there is any suspicious lesion in order to watch change over time.

Your doctor will advise you when to come back for your next check and how often to have skin checks per your skin type and risk factors.

If you are at higher risk for melanoma we’ll also recommend you have regular optometry checks to look for melanoma in your retina.

Is skin cancer preventable?

While you can’t completely prevent skin cancer, you can reduce your risk by practising sun safety, such as wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and avoiding excessive sun exposure.

What should I expect during a skin check?

During a skin check, your doctor will visually examine your skin, looking for any suspicious moles or lesions. They may use a dermatoscope for a closer look if needed. They will ask you about your general exposure to the sun and family history.

A routine skin check usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes, but the duration may vary depending on the number of moles and lesions that need examination.

What does a suspicious mole look like?

Suspicious moles often have irregular shapes, multiple colours, and may change in size or appearance over time. Any mole that itches, bleeds, is asymmetrical or changing should be checked.

Should children have skin checks?

While skin cancer is less common in children, it’s still possible. Regular skin checks for children are important, especially if they have a family history of skin cancer or if you notice any unusual moles or growths.

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