Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • We offer you a family doctor who will really get to know you over time.
  • You will be part of a team working to help you set and achieve your health goals.
  • If you need to come when your doctor is not here one of our other doctors will be able to access all of your medical history and test results for continuity of care.
  • Our standard appointments are 20 minutes and we don’t rush you.
  • You can usually book your appointment online using our website or an app.
  • Our waiting room has reading material and music to relax you.
  • We have a safe and secure children’s play area and doctors skilled in pediatrics.
  • We are close to public transport and there is untimed free parking.
  • We are close to the pharmacy, supermarket, neighborhood centre and coffee shops.
  • We do skin cancer checks, family planning, wound repair and licence checks.
  • We can supply all travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • We have Physiotherapy, Psychology, Dietetics and Pathology on site.
  • We are an Accredited practice involved in the training of new GPs.

View Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide:

➢ High-quality health care with an emphasis on wellness and prevention
➢ Excellence in diagnosis and management
➢ Building relationships and fostering continuity of care
➢ Respect for rights with the encouragement of responsibility and independence
➢ Support to navigate the wider health system
➢ Mentoring and teaching doctors and nurses of the future.

Getting to know you …
You’ll notice from your first visit that we’re interested in getting to know as much about you as you feel comfortable to share in order to offer you our best service to meet your needs. We will not rush you through but aim to gather the details of your current symptoms and your background health issues to guide an appropriate physical examination in order to make a correct diagnosis. Whether we’re seeing an acute illness or a fluctuation in your chronic disease, management planning will always involve you in order that we help you set your own realistic and achievable health goals and have the tools necessary to work towards them.

Our experinced team …
Our expertise comes from many years of study, ongoing professional development courses and keeping up to date with all the myriad of changes that are inherent in the area of health. We have senior GPs with up to 30 years of experience who relish supporting our enthusiastic junior GPs as they build skills and gather years of their own experience. Our nurses are equally skilled and experienced, participating in the regular meetings of our clinical team in order to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the latest evidence and that we are always supporting each other to provide our best service.

Training our future GP’s …
We are members of the local Primary Health Network’s GP Leaders group. We participate in the development of online tools to improve the capacity of all GPs in our local area to provide good quality care. We hold Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and participate in the training and examination process for future GPs. Our Practice offers places to registered doctors who have chosen to specialise in general practice and we are
passionate about ensuring that their experience and training here fits them well to be caring, competent and skilled GPs in the future.

RFMP awarded National & NSW General Practice of the Year …
In 2014, the RACGP awarded Riverstone Family Medical Practice the National and NSW General Practice of the Year. In their announcement they explained our selection based on our “strong commitment to delivering high-quality primary health care services to the community”. They also noted our “commitment to teaching and health advocacy”. We remain strongly focused on continuing to improve every aspect of our provision of health care and in the support of our team to engage well with our patients and our local community. Riverstone Family Medical Practice is a provider of primary health care to all ages, genders, family styles and social groups in a way that upholds the principles of care inherent in the RACGP Charter and our own Mission Statement.

Choose your team & stick to it! …
Every 3 years we expose our Practice and our systems to the scrutiny of an Accreditation authority which assesses us against the Standards for General Practice and every 3 years we achieve a glowing report. We encourage all our patients to choose a primary doctor in our practice in order that continuity of care is maximised to reduce errors and improve outcomes. To understand more about this extremely important process, please click on the link “How to get the Best Health Care”. With so many doctors to choose from, there will always be someone who clicks with you. Likewise, you’ll find other team members who contribute to your well-being in a positive way that you may never have anticipated.

Feedback on our service …
Because we’re always striving to improve we ask for your commitment to providing us feedback on our service. Whether this is formal or informal, every member of our team appreciates constructive criticism as well as naturally valuing positive feedback when it is deserved. We hope that you will never leave disgruntled but always feel that your contribution is appreciated, meaningful and incorporated into our service development. We hope that the relationship you develop with your health team will grow over time to be one of the most valuable relationships in your healthy life. We invite you to join us so that we can all work together for your best health.

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