November Means Men’s Health

Nov 30, 2023 | General Health

Mens health

November is a big month for men’s health in Australia with a two important events marking the month:

Since 1999, International Men’s Day has celebrated the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities worldwide.

This year’s theme is “Zero Male Suicide. Together we can stop male suicide”.

Movember also shines a spotlight on mental health for men while raising awareness around prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s health in general.

Here’s an interesting fact about Movember: The movement has become a global event, with campaigns taking place in the US, UK and Europe to name a few, but did you know that Movember has humble Aussie beginnings?

It all started back in 2003 when two mates got together in Melbourne for a drink and their conversation turned to old fashion trends and men’s health. Read more here.

Riverstone Family Medical Practice are proud advocates of men’s health

As such, we’ve put together these simple steps that men everywhere can take to shape up their physical health and mental health.

Opt for healthier meals

Your health and wallet will appreciate it. Often, healthier meals cooked at home are far cheaper and come with less sugar, trans fats and sodium.

For example, puts many dishes at 200%-300% more expensive when ordered from a restaurant.

Cooking at home means selecting and using ingredients and cooking methods that are much better for you.

More benefits when cooking at home:

  • Portion control: Homemade meals allow you to control portion sizes, which can help prevent overeating and manage the calorie count.
  • Lower in unhealthy additives: Many restaurant and fast-food meals contain high levels of unhealthy additives like excess salt, sugar, and trans fats. Cooking at home allows you to minimise or avoid these additives.
  • Family and social interaction: Cooking at home provides time for family bonding and socialising around the dinner table.

Mental health

Movember and International Men’s Day share a few things in common, one being a focus on mental health.

That means not just you, but others around you too.

Signs that someone could be in distress might include:

  • Not sleeping
  • Eating less or more than usual
  • Forgetting grooming (no clean clothes, not showering or brushing teeth)
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Missing or extremely quiet on social media

You can find more information on how to spot the signs here.

If you find someone you know showing such signs, reach out to them. Movember recommended ALEC.

ALEC helps you navigate a conversation with someone who might be struggling: Ask, Listen, Encourage action and Check in — it’s that simple.

If you’re struggling or fear you might in the near future, help is available. Book an appointment with a mental health expert today.

More ways to maintain good mental health:

  • Stay connected with family and friends. Social support can provide a strong buffer against stress.
  • Keep up your exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins, which can boost your mood.
  • Set realistic goals, and we’re talking personal, financial, professional or any form of goals. This can prevent feeling overwhelmed and boost your self-esteem as you achieve them.
  • Limit screens. Excessive use of devices can impact mental health, especially social media.

Regular check-ups

Regular check-ups and disease screenings are essential for preventing and detecting health issues early, before they may develop into something more serious.

Here’s why regular check-ups may be just what the doctor ordered in your case:

Early detection
Regular health check-ups can help detect problems in their early stages.

There’s a long list of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, that often have much more favourable outcomes when diagnosed early.

In many cases, early detection leads to more effective treatment and a higher chance of a full recovery.

Regular health check-ups can often include screenings for testicular and prostate health too.

Your doctor will advise you on which screenings to take and when, things determined by your circumstances.

Preventive care
Preventive care is an important part of regular check-ups. Medical professionals can assess your risk factors and provide solutions on lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing various health issues.

In many cases, men may be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or suffering from a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle without even knowing it.

Overall wellbeing
Regular check-ups provide a comprehensive view of your overall health which not only involves the physical aspect but also mental health.

Identifying and addressing health concerns can lead to a much improved quality of life.

If it’s been a while since your last check-up, get in touch with us.

Make this month the one for better health

Did you know that even a few small healthier choices can make a world of difference? It’s true.

Adding an extra 30 minutes of walking to your weekly routine, a few healthier meals and replacing an hour or two of screens with family and friends time can have major health benefits.

If you’d like more information about how to get involved with Movember or men’s health in general, these resources may help:


Your family GP in Riverstone

Phone (02) 9627 0600

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