How to get the best health care

How can you contribute to getting the best health care?

Choose your team and stick to it!

Riverstone Family Medical Practice provides access to a range of health professionals to work with you for your best health. We encourage every person to have one GP as their primary doctor to support you and your health goals throughout your journey. Your primary GP will recommend a secondary GP for you so that there others that can assist with your care who understands your goals, issues and management plan. Our nurses and administrative team will also work with you and your GP team to support you in your endeavours.

Your health team should include:

  • Primary GP
  • Secondary GP
  • Nurses
  • Allied health team (such as psychologist, physiotherapist, pharmacist)
  • Administrative staff.

There may be times when your usual team is not available at short notice for an acute need, but because we keep an up-to-date and accurate record of your health status, our supporting team will always be able to provide you with sound advice and treatment if necessary. If you attend a different medical practice there is a risk that information will be missed, advice given that does not take into account your detailed history, or medications prescribed that may not be compatible with your management plan. Continuity of care is vital to reducing errors and ensuring the best possible outcomes for your health.

Your health team will coordinate your preventative health strategies, help you manage your chronic conditions, both physical and mental, as well as look after you when you are acutely unwell. There are many advantages to having your own doctor and health team who will:

  • Have all of your health records including test results, past and current medications, allergies and other important information;
  • Get to know you, what is important to you and be familiar with your family and community;
  • Organise your health checks such as immunisations, cholesterol and blood pressure, anticipating what risks you face and helping you to prevent health problems;
  • Help you manage your medications;
  • Ensure that you receive care that may be indicated by your family history;
  • Refer you, when needed, to specialists or allied health care providers;
  • Assist you to navigate the broader health system including specialists and hospitals;
  • Co-ordinate your care ensuring that feedback is received from other health providers for your benefit;
  • Upload your health summary to the electronic My Health Record (with your permission) so that you and other health practitioners can access important information about your health if needed.

People have different personalities and styles so we suggest you choose a doctor and team who suits you. To choose your doctor we suggest that you find someone who:

  • You feel comfortable talking to;
  • Listens to you and seems to “get” you;
  • Explains things in a way that you can understand;
  • Is available at times when you can attend the Practice.

Your primary GP will be noted on your medical records and we will try to ensure that appointments are made with this doctor.

So, what can you do to contribute to your best chance of great health care?

  • Choose your doctor and health team
  • See this team every time for the best chance of continuity
  • Book enough time to allow the team to cover the issues
  • Bring all the information you have including reports, letters or your list of symptoms
  • Ask as many questions as you have to make sure all are answered
  • Make sure you’ve understood the results, diagnosis and management plan
  • Tell us immediately if something isn’t right


We hope that the relationship you develop with your health team will grow over time to be one of the most valuable relationships in your healthy life.

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