Linda Chee

Linda Chee


Linda has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years with 5 years at Prince Henry Hospital at Little Bay. The historic “Coast Hospital” is now gone due to its highly prized real estate.  It was renowned for its Infectious Diseases Hospital where polio victims were isolated and treated in the 1950’s. The remoteness made it suitable for patients with leprosy, tuberculosis and other highly infectious diseases.

It followed that it also became a specialist hospital for spinal injuries and rehabilitation.  Polio patients would come to stay for respite and utilise the old “iron lung” which was stored on the spinal ward.

Prince Henry Hospital also had a specialised Hyperbaric Chamber for decompression treatment for divers who developed nitrogen narcosis or “the bends”.

During the 1980s Linda worked in Epping private practice and in the early 1990s moved to the Hawkesbury area where she went into her own physio practice where she worked for 20 years.

It was during these years that she was able to delve into many aspects of her profession and continuing education. Courses included Maitland Spinal and Joint mobilisation, McKenzie Method and a number of Sports Medicine workshops.

Her favourite courses included the Feldenkrais Method which was introduced in the mid-1980s. This method of movement and therapy involved connected mind-body movements.

It was back then that she commenced her early work with Women’s Health. This interest continues to this day.

Linda introduced the Pilates Method into the Hawkesbury in the mid-1990s, setting up a small studio for the rehabilitation of her clients following many kinds of injuries like severe back conditions, hip and knee replacement recovery and general strengthening.  She has combined her pelvic floor recovery after childbirth or pelvic floor weakness and prolapse with Pilates to provide a whole body approach to posture, strength and flexibility.

She is also involved with “The Wise Hippo” which is a beautiful form of teaching women “the right birth on the day”. Offering pre and post-natal massage and infant massage is an extension of her women’s’ health practices. The focus of pregnancy massage is on the relief of back pain, realignment of the pelvis and subsequent postural improvement. Linda can discuss various aspects about pre and post natal concerns such as Natural Childbirth Relaxation Techniques, Pelvic Floor Recovery Exercises, Abdominal Support, Lifting with Baby, PILATES Post Natal Packages, Infant Massage, Diastisis Assessment (separation of the rectus abdominus), Pelvitone Pelvic Floor Stimulator and the PeriCoach System.

Linda has done a number of courses with Sarah Key, physio to the Royal Family and writer of a number of best-selling books on the spine. A very yoga-based technique of looking at movement and exercise, Linda combines Sarah’s principles of treatment and mobility, together with Pilates for strengthening and lengthening of tissues. She believes that “hands-on” treatment is the basis of healing that patients seek. Patients in pain seek reassurance and settling, then they are more receptive to listening to advice on self- healing and motivation to exercise.

Linda continues her education and interest in her profession, especially with women’s health, Pilates and yoga techniques. Keeping busy within her profession is very important to her as her children and grandchildren now live overseas.

Linda is available for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Linda can also provide physio supplies like:

  • CAM Boots for injured and fractured ankles.
  • Range of Motion, adjustable full length knee braces.
  • Aircast Ankle Braces.
  • Crutches.
  • Kinesio-Taping supplies.
  • Back Corsets.
  • Bassett Back Supports.
  • Theraband per/metre.
  • Pulleys.
  • TENS units.
  • Pilates and Yoga equipment.
  • Pelvic Floor Stimulators-Pelvitone and now the newly released Pericoach System with APP for IPhone.

Linda is also able to take orders for specific equipment and supplies.

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