A COVID Message from our Team

A COVID Message from our Team

We want to keep everyone safe, however increasingly we have had patients not being honest when asked about symptoms.

Please watch this important message from our team because if we get sick, we can’t come to work and look after you and your family.


Please take time to read this article. It is a very real reflection of the situation our receptionists are in at the current time.

As a result of the pandemic, their workload has increased and we are relying on them to screen everyone who comes into the Practice. This is a difficult task, particularly for people who do not have medical training. However, they help keep you and your family safe.

Sadly, our receptionists have been abused by patients and this is increasing with the current COVID outbreak and the vaccine situation.

Everyone feels stressed at present. The team at RFMP are trying our best to look after our patients and participate in the biggest vaccination program in our history.

Please be kind to our receptionists. They are an essential part of our team and are there to help you and your family.
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